Limited Availability in 2023, Larger Order Expected in 2024

The Kove 450Rally, a high-performance rally raid race bike from China, is all set to make its debut in Canada. A limited number of these powerful machines will arrive in 2023, followed by a larger order in 2024. Moreover, the plan is to import these bikes as street-legal machines with Transport Canada’s approval.

Alberta Powersports to Bring Kove 450Rally Lineup to Canada

The Kove 450Rally lineup, which includes the base bike and the Pro Race model, will be imported into Canada by Alberta Powersports. The dealership, located in Carstairs, Alberta, has years of experience dealing with GPX Pitster Pro machines and other brands. Their expertise in the powersports industry and understanding of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers make them the perfect choice for bringing Kove 450Rally to Canadian customers.

Kove 450Rally – A Unique Chinese Brand with a Focus on Quality

Kove is an intriguing Chinese brand founded by an enthusiast who once dreamed of participating in the Dakar Rally. With high-spec 450 single-cylinder engines that deliver about 52 hp, Kove emphasizes quality and reliability in their products. The Kove factory team achieved a 100% completion rate at this year’s Dakar Rally using these bikes, showcasing their impressive performance capabilities.

Limited Availability in 2023, Expansion in 2024

In 2023, a limited number of Kove 450Rally bikes will be available in Canada, with some being used for demos, others for gaining Transport Canada approval, and a few for racing. Alberta Powersports plans to import around 100 motorcycles in 2024, primarily the base model 450Rally, with a few Race Pro models for racing enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for these bikes to hit Canadian roads in late 2023 or early 2024!