Chinese Manufacturer Kove Moto Brings Dakar Rally Performance to the Streets

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Kove Moto is set to revolutionize the adventure lite and dual sport riding scene with the introduction of the Kove 450R Rally. This street-legal, 450cc Dakar Rally bike is not just a “Dakar-style” motorcycle but an authentic, long-range Rally Bike, designed to compete on the world stage. Coming to America this fall, the Kove 450R Rally will be accompanied by a low-seat version and a Dakar spec ‘Rally Pro’ model.

Kove Moto, a company founded just five years ago, has achieved significant milestones in the racing world, including competing in the FIM World Supersport 300 Championship. The company’s recent success at the Dakar Rally, with all three 450R Rally Pro bikes finishing the race, demonstrates the performance and durability of their machines.

The standard 450R Rally model, priced at $8,999, features a 51 horsepower, 30 ft-lbs torque Twin-Cam 449cc water-cooled single engine. With a 38-inch seat height, it boasts fully adjustable 49mm forks and rear shock, delivering 12 inches of suspension travel and ground clearance. The 21″ front and 18″ rear tube-type wheels and color-TFT display add to its appeal. Additionally, the Rally model offers defeatable ABS and a dry weight of 320 pounds. With three fuel tanks (two front, one rear), the bike has a total fuel capacity of 8 gallons, ensuring a potential 330+ mile range.

Inspired by the KTM 450 Rally Replica, the Kove 450R Rally is a testament to the company’s dedication to performance and quality. The Rally Pro model, retailing at $13,999, is designed for racing, featuring a carbon fibre rally tower, steering stabilizer, titanium exhaust, Tri-nitride lower fork coating, and bib mousses. With more power than the standard model, the Rally Pro is a top choice for rally racers.

The Kove 450R Rally is a game-changer in the adventure lite and dual sport riding market, offering performance, durability, and affordability. Keep an eye on this Chinese manufacturer as they continue to make waves in the motorcycle industry.

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