Kove Moto, a Chinese manufacturer, made history at the Dakar Rally 2023 by not only participating in the grueling 14-stage race but also successfully completing it. This feat was the culmination of three years of preparation, hard work, and the unwavering support of their fans. The 450R Rally Factory Edition, released in China on September 13, 2022, was the bike that carried the Kove Moto team through the toughest rally in the world, proving its durability and performance in extreme conditions.

The spirit of sportsmanship was evident throughout the Dakar Rally, with the Kove Moto team members displaying dedication, courage, and perseverance. Their achievements garnered global attention and praise, with an interview in the race featuring 12-time Dakar racer Thierry Charbonnier, who acknowledged Kove Moto’s unique contribution to the world of enduro bikes. As Kove Moto continues to make waves on the international stage, their success at Dakar 2023 stands as a testament to the power and potential of Chinese enduro bikes in the world of motorsports.

kove team in 2023 dakar rally
kove team in 2023 dakar rally Sunier
kove team in 2023 dakar rallyLiansong Deng
kove team in 2023 dakar rally Mingji Fang