Kove Powering Mason Klein’s Dakar 2024 Dream

Kove Moto Canada is excited to announce that American off-road racing sensation Mason Klein chose to ride the Kove bike for the Dakar 2024.  Mason Klein will be piloting the new Kove 450 Rally EX.

At the beginning of the year, Kove Moto made a remarkable impact in the motorcycle racing world by achieving a perfect score at the 2023 Dakar Rally. This race, known for being one of the most challenging in recent years, saw the relatively unknown motorcycle brand establish itself prominently by ensuring that all three of Kove team racers and bikes successfully completed this demanding race and proved Kove motorcycle reliability.

Mason Klein: A Trailblazer in the Dakar World

Mason Klein, with his extraordinary rally racing skills, has already left an indelible mark in the Dakar world. His 9th-place finish in 2022 and a stage win in 2023 speak volumes about his capabilities. Now, he’s gearing up to take the 2024 Dakar by storm, aiming not just to compete but to win.

” I think the bike is ready to go. I really feel like I wouldn’t go there if I wasn’t there to win. Top ten is the easy part; we already did that. My mom says “Finish,” but last time I told my mom I wanted top 10 and we got it, so this time I’m saying I want to win…that’s the goal.”


The Kove 450 Rally EX: Engineering Excellence

Kove Moto has outdone itself with the 2024 Kove 450 Rally EX, a masterpiece of engineering that is lighter, more agile, and more powerful than its predecessors. This bike symbolizes Kove’s relentless pursuit of perfection in off-road racing technology.

Unique Collaboration: Klein Off-Road Racing Team and Kove

Mason Klein will be riding under his own Klein Off-Road Racing Team, enjoying a unique blend of independence and support from Kove Moto. He will have access to the same tools and parts as the Kove Factory Team, providing a dual approach to bike development and race strategy.

Supporting Mason’s Journey to Victory

Kove Moto USA is fully committed to Mason Klein’s preparation for Dakar 2024. With the provision of a current-model Kove 450 Rally Pro and a new MX250 model for cross-training, Mason is set to have an exceptional journey leading up to Dakar.

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